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Download wpDataTables v1.7 | Codecanyon Tables and Charts Manager WordPress Plugin wpDataTables 1.7 is a powerful responsive Tables, Spreadsheets and Charts Data Manager in a form of a WordPress Plugin. This WordPress plugin will helps you to create dynamic responsive tables, charts in your WordPress site edit and allow your front-end users to edit data in them. You Can Download Previous Version OF this WordPress plugin wpDataTables v1.6.2 Tables and Charts Manager Plugin.
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wpDataTables is a powerful responsive Tables, Spreadsheets and Charts Data Manager in a form of a WordPress Plugin. If you want to join the testers team just open a and we will add you to the list. You will always get the newest features first. Please note that you must be among existing users of wpDataTables. Some Articles about wpDataTables plugin User reviews Plugin listed in WP catalogs wpDataTables in social networks For the people who want to request support: please make sure that you , first. If your question isn’t there feel free to contact our support manager through the . We receive a lot of requests nowadays, so we ask you for understanding in case of delayed replies. MANUAL UPGRADE PROCEDURE (when a new version is released) Go to your FTP and open WordPress plugins folder. Delete the old wpDataTables version folder. Upload the new version of wpDataTables. Go to WP-admin panel, open Plugins section. Deactivate wpDataTables, and then activate it again. DO NOT DELETE THE OLD VERSION FROM WP-ADMIN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DELETE YOUR TABLES Version 2.0.2 (released 24.08.2017) A minor update mostly with stability improvements. Feature: Checkbox for including Bootstrap on the front-end added on the Settings page – now if there is a JS conflict in Bootstrap files with your theme it can be resolved by disabling the checkbox. Feature: support for new addons added (Gravity Forms integration, Formidable Pro integration) added – addons will be published soon on CodeCanyon – stay tuned; Bugfix: calculation functions in more than one column for server-side tables – calculations weren’t working correctly, now resolved; Bugfix: editor modal in responsive mode – the editor modal appeared too low in the bottom on tablets and mobiles, fixed now; Bugfix: formula column on the first position causing the table to show no records – resolved; Bugfix: Clear Filters button with filters in a form – clear works correctly now; Bugfix: Sorting dates in Mozilla Firefox for non-server-side tables – sorting works correctly in all browsers now; Bugfix: Duplicating the table where “Users see and edit only own data” feature is enabled – now the tables can be duplcated properly. Security improvements. Compatibility with WordPress 4.8.1 approved. Version 2.0.1 (released 11.07.2017) A minor release with a couple of patches for 2.0: PHP version compatibility – Fixed fatal errors that were thrown on PHP versions 5.4 and 5.5; Fix for reordering formula columns – causes JS errors in 2.0 version; Sorted possible values – possible values are now sorted alphabetically when read dynamically from the data source. Version 2.0 (released 11.07.2017) A major release with a ‘revamp’ of back-end and front-end: New admin/back-end design and improved UX – the plugin’s design was re-worked from scratch to a more intuitive, smooth and user friendly interface; Fix for custom CSS classes – some changes in 1.7.1 caused this feature not to work properly, now fixed; Table relations – foreign key support – now you can configure any column to work as a foreign key for a different table; New skin and new UI elements – a new Material-style skin for tables front-end, new UI elements (datepicker, timepicker, dropdown, modal); Under-the-hood improvements – code refactoring, new SQL parser, and a lot more; Security and stability improvements; A number of other minor bugfixes; Compatibility with WP 4.8 confirmed. See more detailed overview of wpDataTables 2.0 Version 1.7.2 (released 08.03.2017) A minor release with numerous stability improvements: HTML tags in Excel-like tables – this didn’t work properly in previous versions, now fixed; Fix for custom CSS classes – some changes in 1.7.1 caused this feature not to work properly, now fixed; Timepicker in Excel like tables fixed – an issue appeared in 1.7.1, now fixed; Google spreadsheet links works from publish dialog as well as address bar; Adding and removing columns fixed; Editing IMG and link columns (no more HTML tags in editor); Add wpDataChart callback for Chart.js; Conditional formatting works with responsive option; Fixes for the selectbox editor input type; A number of other minor bugfixes; Compatibility with WP 4.7.3 confirmed. Version 1.7.1 (released 09.01.2017) A minor update, introducing 2 new features and a number of minor fixes and improvements: Chart.js - Now wpDataTables plugin has third chart rendering engine. Beside Google Charts and Highcharts we have added  that renders simple and flexible charts with a lot customization options. Chart live preview - In wpDataTables Chart Wizard now there is no Preview step anymore. Chart changes are instantly visible and shown on the chart that is rendered in the right side of the screen. Support for NULL/empty values - Now when editing editable wpDataTable it is possible to leave a blank cell for integer and float columns. Fix for Row Grouping - Row Grouping feature was causing a JavaScript error in version 1.7. Edit table in Excel-like editor when using Separate MySQL connection fix. Fix for Formula columns - In version 1.7 if some of the columns contained number in column original header then formula column didn’t work. Fix for Conditional formatting and Responsive mode - When table was in responsive mode show on mobile phone conditional formatting didn’t work. Fix for Datepicker layering - Datepicker was appearing behind edit modal on some themes in previous versions. Other minor stability and security improvements and bugfixes. WordPress 4.7 compatibility approved. Version 1.7 (released 23.09.2016) A major update, starting some new sub-modules, massively improving existing functionalities: Excel-like table editing – Now tables can be shown and edited not only with DataTables library, but also with Handsontable library, which has a nice Excel-like interface which supports bulk selection, drag’n’fill, duplicate, bulk delete, convenient inline editing, and many other features. . Lots of improvements for charts – more formatting and styling options for both engines, group feature. Read more in the ,  check the  showing the new features. DateTime and Time column types – proper displaying of DateTime and Time (till minutes till now), as well as editing, sorting, filtering, etc. See the for more details. Import Google Spreadsheets to WP database with Table Constructor – see the for more details, or part showing the feature. Settings on Settings page divided into tabs. See . Table duplicating for manually created tables now allows duplicating the data source as well. See . Extended multisite support. Other minor stability improvements and bugfixes. See more information in . Version 1.6.2 (released 12.05.2016) A regular update, adding some functionalities, stability improvements, and several features: HTML editor for editable tables – now for columns which have string column type you can edit the data using a HTML WISYWYG editor (TinyMCE), both for editor dialog and for in-line editing. Addons support – from now on plugin supports addons, each addon brings some unique feature which extends the core functionality. The first addon launched is the , which is a tool for generating individualised Word DOCX and Excel XLSX documents in real-time from WordPress. Responsive Charts – this was a highly requested feature: now each chart (both Google and Highchart) can be responsive – just tick the “responsive” checkbox near the width input. Responsive chart will occupy 100% width of the container, instead of having fixed width, therefore always render correctly on any device types, and when you resize browser window. Fixes for sum row – Sum row works more stable now. Fixes for chart editing - selected Google chart type and the follow table filtering option didn’t persist correctly on editing, now this works fine. Fixes for conditional formatting for values above 1.000.000 – now conditional formatting works correctly for any numbers. Security fixes – more security checks added to the plugin back-end to prevent attacks. More HTML allowed in the editable tables. We restricted allowed HTML for editable tables in 1.6.1 for better protection against XSS. Now the list of allowed tags was extended. Fix for uploading images in editable tables. Editing images wasn’t always working smooth, fixed now. Fix for ‘skip thousands separator’ in server-side tables. The setting was ignored for tables with server-side processing, now it works correctly. WordPress 4.5.2 compatibility confirmed. This site is running WP 4.5.2 so you can see it works. PHP7 compatibility confirmed. After multiple internal tests no conflicts or problems found. Other minor stability improvements and bugfixes Version 1.6.1 (released 23.03.2016) A large update, a lot of new functions. Was supposed to be a stability update, but grown to a large release. to see a brief video overview of the new features. Among others: Inline editing – you can edit the content in editable tables directly from the cells now. to see the docs, or . Conditional formatting – it is possible to highlight rows, cells, columns, or change CSS classes. ,  or . Formula (calculated) columns – you can add columns in the table that will be calculated based on other columns values. , or . Sum (totals) row – you can show totals for numeric columns in the table footer now. , or . Auto-read possible values for column - if the table has server-side processing enabled you don’t need to type in possible values manually any more. . Realtime auto-refresh for tables and charts – Tables which have server-side processing enabled can auto-reload in front-end with defined interval. . No-flash Table Tools, and advanced configuration for Table Tools – the export functionality is now Flash-independent, works on HTML5, also you can define from the admin panel which buttons to show or hide per each table. . Global search via URL. You can add a special key in the page URL, and your table will get pre-filtered on load. , or . Auto-generate thumbs for image columns in editable tables. When you upload a new image, a thumb with a link to full picture will be inserted automatically. Skip thousands separator for integer columns. If your column is an integer, but you don’t want formatting (e.g. for years or product codes), you can disable it. Fixed filter rendered in header. It was looking clumsy before when you chose to render the filter in header, now it is rendered in a separate row. Non-UTF8 names for columns in Table Constructor. This was causing trouble before, but now it’s allowed. DataTables front-end renderer library upgraded to 1.10.10 PHPExcel updated to latest version Lots of stability and UX improvements and bugfixes Version 1.6 (released 23.07.2015) A major update. A lot of different changes and improvements. Basically the biggest change to wpDataTables since launch. Check for more info on new functions. Version 1.5.6 (released 13.02.2015) Just another patch on a long way to Table Constructor module. No new features, just bugfixes. False update notification fixed – in the previous version there was a tiny bug that caused plugin to report that there’s a new version available all the time, also to throw a notice in the update list; this is fixed now. Attachments title not displayed – refactoring in the previous version caused an attachments title (uploaded from front-end editor) not to be displayed; this is fixed now. XML parsing errors – a bug which caused a problem with XML format parsing is fixed; also added a check if XML elements have attributes for correct parsing. Table ID notice in shortcode fixed – in some cases when ID was empty it thrown a notice; it is fixed now. Front-end editor add/edit row selectbox problem – front-end editor dialog selectbox was showing first value as selected by default, but actually nothing was selected. Fixed now. Formatted numbers in range filters did not work. Values more then 1000, or if user entered the value in the same format as in cell caused the filter to crash. Fixed now. Column filter selectbox when shown in header did not show. Minor issue with CSS fixed, dropdowns will show correctly now. Date parsing fixed for CSV. In some cases dates weren’t parsed correctly, works fine now. New filter added for the table title (wpdatatables_filter_table_title) – you can use it to change the title dynamically, or hide it when you don’t need it Custom JS was multiply escaped (‘\\\\’). Now it’s fixed. EU date format sorting issue – when there was an empty cell in a date column with EU-formatted date (dd.mm.yyyy) it crushed sorting; now it’s fixed – empty cells will always be treated as the earliest date possible. Preview with charts fixed. Now you can preview your charts in the backend along with the table, which didn’t work in earlier versions. Even rows color picker didn’t work. Now it’s fixed and you can choose the color of the even rows. Font color picker for table header didn’t work. fixed now. Version 1.5.5 (released 08.12.2014) Auto updates – we planned this for 1.6, but since there were already a couple of unplanned releases, we decided not to postpone it any more to make life easier for users. Starting from current version, if you enter your Envato Purchase Code, plugin will tell you when the new version is released, and do the auto update. To prevent piracy, maximum number of downloads of one version per purchase code is 2. But you can always download new versions directly from Envato and install in the good old-fashioned manual way. File-based tables speedup – for large tables based on files you should have a significant improvement in speed now. Version 1.5.4 (released 23.11.2014) Security patch. A couple of minor bugfixes also included. New in this version: Uploader security issue fixed. Number range filter issue fixed. There was an issue in version 1.5.3 that broke number range filtering because of number formatting, for non server-side processing tables. Fixed now. utf8_general_ci collation added to wpDataTables created tables. Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and other UTF-8 characters in column names shouldn’t be a problem any more. “Clear filters” problem solved. Before when users clicked on “Clear filters” some dropdown values weren’t refreshed. Default value dropdown problem solved. Previously if you defined a default value for a dropdown selectbox it didn’t work, fixed now. WP 4.0.1 compatibility checked. For more info on what’s new and complete changelog you can . Update procedure: Disable plugin, overwrite with files from the new package, enable plugin again. This is necessary since the database structure has to be updated on reactivation. Video tutorials Overview wpDataTables 1.6 is a mighty data manager in a form of a WordPress plugin. It helps you to create dynamic responsive tables, charts in your WordPress site edit and allow your front-end users to edit data in them. See the or the if you’re interested. Features A short list of wpDataTables features: Cute interactive multi-functional front-end jQuery tables with filtering, sorting and pagination features rendered by DataTables library. You can manipulate all features easily from the WordPress administrator panel. Server-side processing for MySQL-based tables. Charts based on Google Chart and Highcharts libraries. Easily render charts from the same dataset as your table. Charts can be updated in realtime together with the table, as you filter the data set. Front-end editing for MySQL-based tables. Table constructor which allows to create the tables from back-end. MySQL query generator. Builds all the “SELECT FROM, JOIN, WHERE, GROUP” for you – just click the correct buttons! WordPress DB query generator. Allows to prepare an editable table out of your Excel or CSV Responsive mode for any tables. Advanced front-end table features: print view, save to PDF, save to CSV, save to Excel, Copy to clipboard by TableTools extensions. Row grouping based on RowGrouping extension. If a lot of rows have same values of some column you can group them based on the value of this column. The sorting will be performed inside of these groups. Accepted data sources: PHP serialized arrays, Google Spreadsheets, MySQL queries, MS Excel XLS and XLSX, OpenOffice Calc ODT, CSV files, JSON objects, XML data source. Tweakable columns with different column types – strings, integers, floats, links, dates, images. Video Tutorials on wpDataTables Table Plugin There’s a video course of around 40 short tutorials filmed on wpDataTable. ! Documentation and examples Check out the documentation and live examples before you purchase on .